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Virtual Summit

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NOVEMBER 2 - 4 , 2020

A MENTAL SAFE SPACE for Democrats, Republicans, Independents & Others


Meet The Speakers & Artists

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PerCilla Zeno aka "The Healing Partner" is the guru on whole health wellness and self-care. She aims to stimulate her audience's own healing processes through all-natural stress-reducing techniques that are life-enhancing and


PerCilla Zeno is the Founder
and Executive Director of
That Zen Life Wellness Foundation, Inc, CEO of Zeno Wellness Group, LLC and a internationally published author.

Her new book “I AM Healing – 7 Secrets to Wellness and Self-Care.” landed the published author, PerCilla Zeno a hand-picked invitation to launch her book at Saks Fifth Avenue to align with Designer Eileen Fisher’s Fashionable line and her support for health and well-being, also a commendation from both the Grammy Award Winner Queen Latifah and Grammy Award Nominated Singer Deva Premal.


That Zen Life Wellness Foundation,


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A charitable organization founded in
2017 by Mr. & Mrs. Zeno after losing their son David.

That Zen Life is a nonprofit that helps people grow hope & resiliency through mental health promotion, prevention, and recovery.


The organization is committed to putting a face on healthy well-living and on the journey of mental health recovery and addiction recovery.

Initiating and continuing wellness education, building recovery capital and organizing the local recovery communities' ability to care and provide support, friendship with love and hope will always remain key.



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Simon Timm is a mindfulness and meditation teacher and the author of the forthcoming book “An Introduction to the Self Salutation: How to Resolve Negative Emotions Through Mindfulness Meditation”.

Simon  spent sixteen years as a Hindu monk. When he left the monastic life in 2011, he recognized the need for a meditation practice to help resolve the negative feelings within him—rather than just help lift above them temporarily.

This prompted him to explore different modalities of personal transformation and ultimately to develop The Self Salutation. Simon has a Masters in Religion from Yale and lives with his spouse Allyson in Washington, DC.

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Srikala is committed to community development and uplifting all people to a higher ground.

He weaves together journeys of sound through his own original production and lyrical compositions.

Presenting a combination of organic and electronic beats as a DJ and percussionist, Srikala moves the dance floor through the sounds of hip hop, reggae, dub, world beats, and sacred mantras.



Kenya Watts

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Kenya is a 15+ year veteran of the advertising and marketing fields where she has specialized in consumer psychology. She has used her deep understanding of customer archetypes to help Fortune 100 companies proliferate customer penetration in today's digital economy.

Kenya has worked across tech, CPG, retail, logistics, automotive, healthcare/pharma, banking, and fashion/beauty industries. The result is a beautiful implementation of art and science, in addition to her love for consumer marketing, Kenya has used her passion for nature and wellness to create a luxury organic hair care line, Ronnie + Rose, Inc. and she's a yoga enthusiast.


Dr. Jamila Holcomb

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Dr. Jamila Holcomb is Teaching Faculty at Florida State University in their Family and Child Sciences Department. Dr. Holcomb is also a licensed marriage and family therapist in Tallahassee, Florida and is the owner of Holcomb Counseling and Consulting, LLC. She specializes in individual, family, and trauma counseling.

Dr. Holcomb also provides consultation and training centered around anti-racism, and diversity, equity and inclusion best practices within the education and mental health fields. Dr. Holcomb obtained her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) from The Family Institute at Northwestern University, and her Ph.D. in MFT from Florida State University.


Chef Om​

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Om is the Co-Founder and executive chef of Cooking with Om, an Ayurvedic plant based meal delivery service based in Los Angeles. He is also a meditation and plant based cooking teacher that specializes in cooking with a healing mindset.

As a former monk, Om Rishikesh embraced the plant based lifestyle at age 16 after learning about the principle of “Ahimsa”, or non-violence and respect for all living beings.

Through his devotional studies he discovered the ancient science of Ayurveda and has been delving into this knowledge of healing foods for a decade.


Jennifer Aleman

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Jennifer Aleman, LMSW,  a Bronx native, has spent the last 12 years inspiring audiences by sharing her life experience. At the age of 30, she is the Founder & Executive Director of Peace Starts Now.


Peace Starts Now’s mission is to promote mindfulness through yoga, meditation and creative arts workshops. Today, she holds three Master’s degrees and is a Licensed Social Worker.

She carries a message of self-love and self-empowerment. She is a meditation instructor and a certified Reiki Master Practitioner.

Johann Diermann

Self-realization has always been my passion. After getting a degree in acting, I entered a Hindu monastery for 25 years. Then I went back into the world to become a teacher and coach. We are living in extraordinary times: let's take advantage of that! The future generations will thank us for it.


Sunceray Wilson

The foundation of my business B.E. W.E.L.L. derives from the remarkable recovery of my son, post tumor removal at the age of 6. We inherited a holistic lifestyle to decrease reoccurrence rate. Now at the age of 22 Jamez graduated from BCU with a computer engineering degree.

B.E. W.E.L.L. (Better Eating With Exercise for a Limitless Lifestyle) mission is to help You become a healthier You!! B.E. W.E.L.L. introduce, encourage & motivate the masses to incorporate natural herbs, healthier food options, & exercise to increase longevity & quality of life!

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