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About Us

That Zen Life Wellness Foundation

That Zen Life Wellness Foundation, Inc. is not just any non-profit organization. It is a beacon of hope and a source of strength for those who are on their path toward recovery. Established in 2017, our foundation has been dedicated to fostering a sense of community and providing resources that promote whole health wellness.

Purpose, Philosophy, and Programs

​ We promote Whole Health Wellness and Recovery through advocacy, peer recovery support services, and educate in diversity, equity, inclusion, and trauma-informed care. We provide wholistic support, coordinating and linking people to services, providing Workforce Development and Career Advancement services for Highschoolers and adults ages 18 and older.


Our programs are committed to putting a face to healthy well-living, while on the journey of recovery from Trauma, Re-Entry, Poor Mental Health, and Substance Use. We help build recovery capital and offer remedial Interventions for the at-risk community and restorative practices through Education, Training, and Peer Recovery Support.


What is the definition of Wellness in a Non-Clinical Setting?

Our definition of wellness in a non-clinical setting is:

Increasing awareness of needs and remaining connected with the body and feelings, while learning the principles of self-nurturing and self-building such as:

  • Basic principles of self-care

  • Basic principles of self-healing

  • An evidence strength-based approach and practice to Stress, Trauma, Poor Mental Health & Substance Use.

  • Nutrition education

​What is the definition of Recovery and Peer Recovery Support?

Our definition of Recovery

Recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.

Our definition of Peer Recovery Support Specialist

A Peer Recovery Support Specialist is a person with "lived experience" who has been trained to support those who struggle with mental health, psychological trauma, or substance use. Their personal experience of these challenges provides peer support specialists with expertise that professional training cannot replicate.


                                              Our Why... 


In Honor of ...
David L. Rudolph, Jr.
1988 - 2011


We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow hope & resiliency through whole health promotion, prevention, recovery, and workforce development training. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to enrich the community through peer recovery support and empower lives through workforce development. 

Meet Our Change Makers

Luis Bus casual pic.jpg

Luis Z. Pimentel, Pres.

Co-Founder & President


Claos Anderson, PRS

Treasurer & Volunteer


Priti Sahia, PhD.

Advisory Board & Volunteer

Simon Timm, M.A.

Mindfulness Ambassador & Volunteer

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