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Co-Founder & President

     Introducing Luis Z. Pimentel, Co-founder and President who infuses our nonprofit with boundless energy and innovation. A multilingual visionary, Luis's proficiency in three languages, including his first language in Spanish, underscores his commitment to inclusivity. His versatility, combined with a history of conquering challenges, showcases his resolute determination to excel.

     Leveraging military discipline, Luis approaches each goal with unwavering focus, drawing from diverse experiences as a student, teacher, worker, Navy Corpsman Veteran, and leader. With an impressive educational journey encompassing an MBA, Master's in Healthcare Administration, associate's degree in Occupational Therapy, and bachelor's in Athletic Training, Luis embodies continuous learning.

     A believer in collaboration and diverse perspectives, Luis's leadership enhances healthcare, education, and organizations. As President, he shapes our nonprofit's path toward meaningful impact, ensuring a brighter future through transformational leadership.

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     Introducing Alisha Paige, an accomplished and seasoned Accountant with a remarkable track record spanning over 15 years in the realm of financial management and strategic planning. With a proven aptitude for fostering financial growth, Alisha has collaborated with diverse companies, ranging from startups to corporate giants, to optimize their financial landscapes and steer them towards achieving their business aspirations.

     Alisha's role as Treasurer within our nonprofit is a testament to her commitment to driving positive change beyond the corporate world. As a trusted financial advisor, she brings her wealth of expertise to the table, ensuring that our organization's financial foundation is robust and well-structured. Alisha's ability to decipher complex financial landscapes and provide practical guidance enables us to allocate resources effectively, making every dollar count in our mission to create lasting impact.

     Beyond her numerical prowess, Alisha's dedication to the cause is unwavering. Her passion for helping businesses succeed extends to the nonprofit realm, where she continues to shine as a guiding light for financial sustainability. With Alisha Paige at the helm, our nonprofit's financial strategies are in capable hands, setting the stage for growth, innovation, and unwavering success.



    Introducing Lesia Boone-Johnson!  Lesia serves as a Veteran Navigator Intern/Secretary at TZL. She is a proud alumna of The Potomac University of Washington, DC, where she pursued a degree in Business Management-Health Management before transitioning into a career in Human Resources.

     Lesia has a compassionate nature and a strong desire to assist others, which led her to an internship opportunity with Zeno Wellness and subsequently her role at TZL.

     Her professional accomplishments include earning a Bachelor of Business Management, certifications in Theology and cosmetology, Geriatric Certified Nursing Assistant, and expertise in Phlebotomy/EKG.

      In her leisure time, Lesia enjoys spending quality moments with her family and friends, sketching, reading, cooking, savoring music and comedy, and nurturing her faith.


Support Services

With a profound dedication to holistic well-being and a rich background in leadership, Jacqueline Hugee stands out as an influential figure at That Zen Life Wellness Foundation.

      Jacqueline's educational and professional background in corporate management brings a formidable depth of knowledge in community development to her role as the secretary of That Zen Life.

      Her analytical prowess and strategic insights propelled her true passion for wellness. Upon retirement, she was led and became a nationally certified massage therapist. Her passion for community-oriented responsibility led to her involvement as a Court Appointed Special Advocate and president of a community development corporation.

      Jacqueline possesses a remarkable proficiency in project management. These skills have been instrumental in securing community initiatives. Motivated by personal experiences, she became an indispensable part of That Zen Life Wellness Foundation and will play a pivotal role in driving meaningful change.

      Jacqueline’s commitment remains unwavering, making her an enduring cornerstone of the nonprofit's continued success. Her advocacy and insights continue to shape the organization's mission, enabling holistic well-being to flourish for all individuals.

Simmon Timm.jpg

Mindful Ambassador & Volunteer

     Meet Simon Timm, an extraordinary individual whose journey of transformation has inspired him to become a beacon of mindfulness and empowerment. As our dedicated Mindfulness Ambassador, Simon's mission is to guide individuals on a path of self-discovery and holistic well-being, facilitating their successful reintegration into their communities as empowered and contributing citizens.

     With a profound background as a mindfulness and meditation teacher, Simon's insights go beyond theory – they stem from his personal journey of growth and resilience. He is also the forthcoming author of "An Introduction to the Self Salutation: How to Resolve Negative Emotions Through Mindfulness Meditation," a testament to his commitment to empowering others to find inner balance and emotional harmony.

     Simon's journey took a unique turn when he spent sixteen years as a Hindu monk, an experience that enriched his perspective and deepened his understanding of mindfulness practices. In 2011, upon leaving monastic life, he recognized the power of mindfulness as a tool not just to temporarily lift negative feelings but to genuinely resolve them.

A graduate of Yale University, Simon has consistently harnessed his education and life experiences to bring about meaningful change. He is a dedicated change maker, working to create positive shifts within individuals and communities alike. As a valued volunteer of the That Zen Life Wellness Foundation, Simon embodies the essence of mindfulness, empowerment, and compassion.

     With Simon Timm as our Mindfulness Ambassador, we are privileged to have a guide who not only understands the transformative potential of mindfulness but also embodies its essence through his own journey. His unwavering dedication enriches our nonprofit's mission, fostering personal growth and well-being one mindful step at a time.

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