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Luis Z. Pimentel

Co-Founder & Executive Director Volunteer

As a part-time Executive Director for this nonprofit and Co-founder with my wife, I offer a unique combination of skills and experiences. I am bilingual - Spanish is my first language, versatile, and experienced individual who has overcome various challenges in different positions, with and without the required training. I approach my goals with military determination, leveraging years of experience and classroom education to achieve success. I have combined my diverse experiences with several degrees to gain more tools to be effective in my role. I value the opinions of others and believe in contributing to the success of the organization.
My background as a student, teacher, worker, peer, Navy Veteran, and leader has given me invaluable knowledge that can help make healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and organizations more efficient. 


Claos Anderson

Peer Supporter  & Volunteer

Claos Anderson, is a long time resident and giver in Virginia Beach, VA. Claos has worked with different U.S. organizations ranging from political to charitable. Because of his heart and passion for helping others, he saw this charity  as a opportunity to extend his compassion and willingness to assist others, serving as  Secretary of That Zen Life Wellness Foundation, Inc. His experience with working with people from every walk of life, and the ability to get things done continues to serve us well, since he came a board.

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Dr. Priti Sahai

Advisory Board & Volunteer

Priti has that rare mix of high level expertise in healthcare, business, and technology. Priti was honored and didn't hesitate to give her time and efforts to see That Zen Life Wellness Foundation, Inc further the cause.  As a doctor in medicine and a passion for public health, her willingness to help has led the nonprofit on the right track. Prior to founding Plexome, Priti led Velos' clinical research business line  with the launch of a suite of web-based solutions that have been used in the management of over 10,000 research projects by a user community that  grew more than 150% year over year. Prior to that, Priti held key executive positions at NantHealth, Abraxis (acquired by Celgene) and CalHIPSO with a focus on personalized medicine and data analytics. She has been directly involved in multiple successful clinical informatics projects including cross-enterprise, state-wide and disease-specific consortiums. Dr. Priti Sahai holds a degree in medicine from Lady Hardinge Medical College and a master's degree in community health administration.

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Simon Timm

Mindful Ambassador & Volunteer

Simon Timm is an amazing volunteer  and mindfulness teacher who helps people make a successful return to their communities as contributing citizens. Simon helps people make a successful return to their communities as contributing citizens. is a mindfulness and meditation teacher and the author of the forthcoming book “An Introduction to the Self Salutation: How to Resolve Negative Emotions Through Mindfulness Meditation”. Simon  spent sixteen years as a Hindu monk. When he left the monastic life in 2011, he recognized the need for a meditation practice to help resolve the negative feelings within him—rather than just help lift above them temporarily. Simon is a Yale graduate, change maker and a That Zen Life Wellness foundation volunteer. 

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