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“Unlocking Wellness is our Path to Mental Health and Recovery Resources that bridge the gap in the community

 That Zen Life Wellness Foundation, Inc., (TZL) is a nonprofit recovery community organization deeply committed to enhancing mental health and recovery services in the Hampton Roads Community.

At That Zen Life Wellness Foundation, we firmly believe that collaboration is the key to making a more significant impact in the field of mental health and recovery. We understand the challenges and complexities faced by individuals and families on their journey to well-being, and we recognize the crucial role that organizations like yours play in providing essential services and support.

Our mission is to forge partnerships with community mental health and recovery organizations to create a stronger, more integrated support network. We believe that by working together, we can leverage our collective strengths to better serve those who depend on us.

We would love the opportunity to connect with your organization to explore ways in which we can align our missions and collaborate effectively. Whether through joint programs, shared resources, or simply fostering open lines of communication, we are eager to explore possibilities together. 

Who Are We

Who We Are

Mission and Vision:  TZL is dedicated to promoting Whole Health Wellness and Recovery in a non-clinical setting.  We offer comprehensive and compassionate care to individuals, insured and uninsured, in our community who are on the path to recovery, whether from mental health challenges or substance use disorders. We strive to assist them in leading fulfilling lives and supporting their long-term journey towards mental wellness and substance recovery through holistic health promotion, prevention, recovery, and workforce development training.   Our principles are based on an approach that encourages a person-centered strong foundation in recovery-oriented care.

Services and Programs:  In implementing self-directed wellness plans and community support, we offer peer recovery support services, group and individual sessions, Stress and Anger Management training as well as Educational Training on mental health and substance use disorders.  Furthermore, TZL provides 72-hour peer recovery specialist training. 

Target Audience: TZL’s primary focus is providing recovery-oriented care to adults aged 18 and older in the mental health and substance disorder community.


It has become increasingly evident that TZL must enhance its connections and collaboration with the rich tapestry of community resources that surround the Hampton Roads community.  We believe the answer lies in our collective strength.  The impact is magnified when we work together with other community resources.  There is a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience that can complement and enrich ALL our efforts.

Get On The List

We value your insights and aim to tailor our collaboration to meet your specific needs and goals effectively.

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We genuinely appreciate your time and input in completing this needs assessment questionnaire. Your responses will enable us to align our efforts with your organization's needs and contribute effectively to the well-being and recovery of our community.

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