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Health Promotion    Prevention    Recovery

Hope - Resiliency - Self Equity

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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That Zen Life Wellness Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to growing hope & resiliency through whole health promotion, prevention, recovery, and workforce development training. 

Did you know that?

1 in 5

 U.S. adults experience mental illness each year

21 Million

people over the age of 12 need substance abuse treatment

2 in 5

American adults still are unemployed.

Our Programs & Services

Expressing our own stories & 

Peer Support

Leading virtual & classroom-based

job training and health education 


Action &
Achieving health equity 

Effecting the community through initiatives and local partnerships

Our Services include:

  • Peer Support Training through our Fiscal Partner Zeno Wellness Group

  • Peer Support Recovery Groups

  • Virtual Educational workshops

  • Returning Citizen's career planning


In addition, That Zen Life Wellness Foundation offers a unique blending of peer-to-peer services aimed at strengthening nonclinical whole health wellness and recovery within an inclusive, supportive community-based setting.


Program Statement 

That Zen Life Wellness Foundation is recognized by the Virginia State Corporation Commission as a non-stock corporation. Ever since we first incorporated, we have held such recognition and entitlements for the purposes of establishing and maintaining support services for resources, non-clinical whole health wellness education and multiple pathways of recovery within the Commonwealth of Virginia.


As a support service program in the Commonwealth of Virginia, That Zen Life Wellness Foundation complies with all regulations in terms of his current license including all relevant federal, state, and local laws and regulations. We shall comply with our policies and procedures as indicated in this document, our personal policy comes up the procedural manual and our bylaws of incorporation maintained by our border directors. Evidence of our financial responsibility shall occur through an annual audit, filing an IRS 990, and oversight of all financial operations by an accountant and by following all acceptable accounting protocols for nonprofit business management. We shall strive to maintain good character and reputation, as well as making full and accurate information about its mission common activities, finances, and governance publicly available. In addition, the nonprofit will maintain good practices and encourage transparency and accountability to the general public, as per the bylaws.

 Any areas of noncompliance discovered through inspection or other main shall be corrected in steps taken to prevent re-occurrence. That Zen Life Wellness Foundation, Inc. shall not disseminate any untrue or deceptive materials and will strive to maintain all written brochures and information given to the public accurately and up to date with all programs and services offered.


Conflict of interests

No board member of That Zen life Wellness Foundation, Inc. shall be an applicant for services or recipient of services. This Organization does not, accept applications nor provide services to neither current staff members nor board members as prescribed by regulations, but does allow for resources and education to be given.  Applicants can not serve on the board while in receipt of services with this organization or serve in the board.

Join Us

Your donation provides access to education and resources for returning citizens, single parents, veterans and individuals in recovery of trauma, drugs, depression, alcohol and stress. 

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